The Materials Division of the Building and Road Research Institute is engaged in Research and development activities as well as consultancy services on local building materials, particularly:

    clay bricks and tiles.
    building lime.
    anti-termite treatment of building sites.
    chemical analysis of building materials.

The expertise currently available within the Division includes:-

    Testing of clays, rocks and lime to determine its suitability for:
    a) Ceramics building materials (burnt bricks, tiles and glazes production;
    b) Pozzolana manufacture;
    c) Lime stabilised blocks.
    Design and construction of Kilns for:
    a) Brick and tile production;
    b) Lime production;
    c) Pozzolana production.
    Chemical analysis of:
    a) Ground water, soil and aggregates for road construction;
    b) Ground water, soil and aggregates for housing;
    c) Lime-based materials;
    d) Cement and cement-based materials
    e) Any other building materials.
    Organization of training programmes on:
    a) the production and laying of bricks and tiles in building construction;
    b) the production and application of lime in building construction;
    c) Construction of fuel-efficient kilns for lime production;
    d) Quality control and management of bricks and tiles industry.
    Preparation of feasibility reports and business plans for:
    a)Ceramic building materials - brick & tiles, and glazes production;
    b) Brick and tile plant and equipment.
    c) Lime production;
    d) Cement production.
    Termite treatment of building sites and existing houses.
    a) Study of natural resistance of timbers, plastic pipes, clay bricks and rubberised products against termites and fungi.


    Materials Development Laboratory.
    Materials Chemistry Laboratory.
    Brick Factory.
    Termite Testing Site.
    Pozzolana Production Plant.


    Burnt bricks.
    Pavers/Paving bricks.
    Decorative Clay tiles.
    Erosion control/landscape walls.


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