Structures, Design and Planning

The Structures, Design and Planning Division deals with the impact of the country's climatic conditions on various aspects of building designs, studies into urban low income housing and rural housing problems, deals with the structural designs of buildings and bridges; architectural designs of buildings; development of Codes of Practice relevant to the sub-region.

The Division is divided into four (4) main sections which are:

Planning, Structures, Survey and Building Design


The Section specializes in
• Structural Engineering Design
• Material Testing
• Compilation of Codes and Standards

Technical Services:

    Structural Analysis and Modelling.
    Structural Design of all type of buildings, bridges and other crossing structures in concrete, steel, timber and brick masonry.
    Supervision of construction of civil engineering infrastructure.
    Research into the strength and durability of concrete, steel, timber and masonry components, and testing of new (innovative) products and also other local materials such as bamboo and earth and Pozzolana.
    Compilation of standards and codes such as Building Codes and Seismic Codes.
    Testing of materials to ascertain their compliance to specification
    Effective ways of reducing Carbonation in Reinforced Concrete Structures with the addition of Pozzolana cement.

Facilities available:

    2000 kN capacity compressive machine.
    3000 kN (60,000 lb.) capacity compression machine
    V-B Consistometer, Compaction Factor Test Machine.
    Air-Astrainment measuring equipment.
    1000 kN capacity reaction frame.
    75,100,150mm cube and 150Ø x 300mm cylinder moulds.
    400m2 concrete/structures laboratory
    Los Angeles Abrasion Test Machine.

Contribution to Economy:

Various consultancies at competitive costs to public, among which are:
• Design and construction of Timber Viewing Platform for Mole Game Park (2004, 2008).
• Design and construction of 7.5m Timber Vehicular Bridge (45HB capacity) over Subin River at Kaase, Kumasi. (1991).
• Design of Head Office of Standards Board, Accra (2009) and Laboratories and Offices of Samet Consultants at OPRI, Kusi-Kade (2009).
• Design of Laboratories and Head Office of Food Research Institute (FRI), Okponglo, Accra (2000).
• Design of Laboratories and Offices for STEPRI, ARI, IIR, CRI, FORIG, SARI, OPRI (1982 to date).
• Promoting the use of Pozzolana in infrastructural development in UPRP – SIF projects Sunyani.
• Polytechnic Science Park Project.


This Section specializes in

    Urban / Rural Development Planning
    Human Settlement Planning
    Population Studies

Technical Services Offered:

    Preparation of Settlement Planning Schemes
    Socio-Economic Surveys
    Socio-Demographic Surveys

Contribution to the Economy

The promotion of orderly spatial landuse development in human settlements through the preparation of Planning Schemes.


Areas of Specialisation:

i) Engineering Survey,
ii) Hydrographic, Topographical and Cadastral Surveys and GIS

Technical Services Offered:

i) Customary Boundary Demarcation of Ejisu land [Land Administration Project (LAP), Ministry of Lands, Forestry and Mines]
ii) Systematic Survey and Titling of Nhyiaso Lands – Ministry of Lands, Forestry and Mines (Submission of Technical and Financial Proposal)
iii) Base Map of CSIR institutes

Contribution to Economy:

i) Assisting the Ministry of lands in the Land Administration System through the Land Administration Project.
ii) Carrying out research in the Land Administration System and finding ways to mitigate litigation on land and improve Revenue Collection.
iii) Development of land use planning schemes

Area of Specialization:

• Residential and Civic Buildings
• Developing modular plans for Africa and disaster areas

Technical Services:

i) Design of Staff Housing for Crop Research Fumesua
ii) Renovation of Staff Bungalows for Ghana Sumatra at OPRI, Kusi-Kade
iii) Supervision of National Tree Seed Centre, FORIG, Fumesua
iv) Architectural Designs
v) Management improvement training

Contribution to Economy:

Design of Cost-Effective and Energy Efficient Buildings Employing BRRI Technologies.

Expertise of the Divisional Staff

The Divisions is endowed with Engineers, Planners and Architects well vexed in:

• Architecture
• Geomatic Engineering
• Development / Spatial Planning
• Demography
• Structural Engineering

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