Prospects for commercialising town and country planning services in Ghana: A case study of the Kumasi Metropolitan Town and Country Planning Department

BRAIMAH, Imoro, and ALHASSAN, Mohammed


The inability of governments in the developing world including Ghana to provide adequate funding for their Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) has stimulated Public Management Reforms that consider commercialization of some services in public institutions. The prospects for commercialising the services of the Town and Country Planning Department (TCPD), which  is one such institution in Ghana, was the focus of this paper. Using the TCPD in the Kumasi Metropolis as a case study it was found that the department lacked explicit legal backing, besides its lagging logistical and human resource capacity for effective commercialisation.

Nonetheless, the government, as well as staff and clients of the department had some goodwill towards commercialisation. Effective demand for the services had made it possible for some ongoing commercialization; thus suggesting generally that the prospects for commercialization exist in the form of corporate managerialism, outsourcing and some level of privatization of the non-core planning and development related services such as the preparation of planning schemes, rezoning and change of use, issuance of building plans etc.  The core service functions defining the department’s statutory mandate could not be commercialised

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