Housing development in a peri-urban settlement in Ghana : A case study in Kumasi

Bettie Solomon-Ayeh
Building and Road Research Institute


The purpose of this paper is to examine housing development in a peri-urban area in Kumasi, using Twumduase as a case study.  The research was undertaken to specifically assess the possible factors which have influenced the housing development of the new site at Twumduase.

Questionnaires were administered to landlords and the traditional authority in the settlement.  Also, particular attention was paid to the provision of utility services, land related issues and the role of the traditional authority and other local institutions in the development process. Several factors have contributed to the development of housing at the new site. These are, the location of the settlement which offers opportunities for easy access to educational, health and other amenities, the availability of land and the absence of land disputes, the role of the traditional authority and the landlords association in the provision of utilities and other services, and the peaceful nature of the settlement.

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