Burnt bricks and tiles are produced from clay, a local resource found abundantly in commercial quantities in all districts of Ghana. Burnt Bricks come in different forms; solid, perforated, hollow, pavement, etc.

They are used for housing construction, namely; Classroom blocks, dormitory blocks, office blocks, hostels, libraries, laboratories, teachers’ bungalows, clinics, CHPS cpd, residential buildings, etc.
•    Stronger (>5.5MPa) than cement blocks (≤ 2MPa)
•    Fire resistant : ≤ 1400 °C
•    Provides better indoor condition
•    Sound insulator and wear resistant
•    No external plastering and painting
•    Attractive permanent natural colours
•    Various shades of colour
•    No incidence of wall flaking

Structures built in bricks do not require maintenance even after 30 years and will still look good.
CSIR-BRRI has a Training Centre and Model Brick factory that train artisans and technicians, and producers in bricklaying and bricks production respectively.