Pozzolana Factory

The Pozzolana Factory is a leading cement production facility that specializes in the manufacturing of Portland Pozzolana Cement, utilizing locally sourced building materials. With a robust monthly production capacity of 5000 bags of Pozzolana cement, the factory is well-equipped to meet the demands of the construction industry.

The factory offers two main product categories: 50kg/bag of Raw Pozzolana cement and 50kg/Bag of PozzoMix branded cement, which is renowned for its high-quality and suitability for various constructional works. Both products are packaged in convenient 50kg bags, making them easily transportable and ideal for construction projects of all sizes.

Committed to delivering sustainable and eco-friendly solutions, the Pozzolana Factory takes pride in its efficient production processes and use of local materials, which reduces environmental impact and supports the local economy. With a reputation for producing reliable and durable cement products, the Pozzolana Factory is a trusted choice for contractors and builders seeking high-quality cement for their construction projects.

Visit the BRRI Pozzolana Factory at Fumesua, near Noda hotel, Kumasi or at the following Ghanapost GPS address: AE-0608-5476, for your high quality pozzolana products.  

Kindly, contact the Manager on 03220-60064 or +233-24638-8135 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., for further discussion.

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